NY Times: Turkey Sentences 24 Journalists to Prison, Claiming Terrorism Ties

Turkey has more journalists in prisons than any other country. Credit Emrah Gurel/Associated Press


A Turkish court has sentenced 24 journalists to prison due to an association with a religious sect that the government calls a terrorist group. This same group was blamed for a failed coup just two years ago in 2016. Many of these journalists were linked to news outlets that were friendly with Fetullah Gulen, an individual currently living in the United States who the Turkish government believes aims to overthrow their current present. President Erdogan has tightly regulated government, media, and military control since the recently failed coup. Thousands of individuals have been arrested for claims of supporting terrorism. His government believes the Mr. Gulen was the source of this failed coup and demanded his extrication, however, the United States government has refused.  To read more about the sentencing, click here.

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