The New York Times: How Can the Olympics Protect 78,000 Volunteers From the Coronavirus?


As the world is slowly trying to get back up on its feet, organizers are scrambling to assure that the Olympic Games in Tokyo go ahead as planned without becoming a super-spreader event. One of the key elements to successful games remains the participation and hard work of volunteers. The rescheduled Tokyo Games are projected to have roughly 78,000 volunteers this summer. With less than three months to go before the opening ceremony, there are looming questions about the safety and health of all participants. The majority of the Japanese population has remained largely opposed to hosting the games this year. The absence of COVID-19 mitigation efforts is toppled with the fact that neither the athletes nor the volunteers have been prioritized to receive vaccinations before the games as well as the apparent lack of resources to ensure adherence to rules. It will be increasingly hard to keep the Olympic village intact as participants from more than 200 countries will arrive in Tokyo and inevitably come into contact with local volunteers potentially spreading the virus beyond the Olympic bubble. Read the full article here

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