Prepare, Respond, Recover

Disaster Situations and emergencies:


EpiCenterLA understands the way everyone prepares for, responds to, and recovers from disaster situations is different.



 Students face their own problems in times of need, and may feel at mercy of a university for help. Learn how to take matters into your own hands by preparing, responding, a recovering.

First Responders

It may seem ironic to teach first responders about disaster and emergency preparedness, but the situation becomes different when you are serving others or are affected personally. Learn how you can serve your community whilst assisting yourself.


Families are dynamic, but so are disasters. Please read more below on how you can address disaster and emergency preparedness for the whole family. 

Individuals With Additional Needs

Retired individuals may feel dependent on others  in a time of need, but it is very important to ensure that you are safe when nobody else is there.

Location is everything

Angelinos and Californians come face to face with different disasters than their Midwest or East Coast friends. 

Although disasters may not come often in Los Angeles, an earthquake or fire can occur at any time. 

Please use this page to learn how YOU can best prepare for disasters that may occur in Los Angeles.

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