Vaccine Information

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Click HERE to view the New York Times Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

People across the country are eagerly awaiting for a vaccine for COVID-19 to be approved, hopefully marking a turning point in a pandemic that has resulted in over 180,000 lives lost as well as unemployment numbers skyrocketing to record levels. While everyone is hoping for the vaccine to arrive as quickly as possible, it is still important to know that speed should not be substituted for effectiveness and safety. 

Currently, the United States is making plans to distribute the vaccine across the country once it is approved. While the president has been heavily touting a vaccine before the November election, top medical experts from the federal government and from universities are questioning the president’s words and reassuring the public the safety would be paramount.

Click the link above to view the New York Times COVID-19 vaccine tracker. For other COVID-19 updates from the New York Times, click here.

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