NYTimes: Covid and Diabetes, Colliding in a Public Health Train Wreck


It has been no secret throughout the pandemic that those with chronic medical conditions, especially diabetes, are at higher risk of dying from COVID-19 infection, or experiencing symptoms of long covid. About 30-40% of all US COVID deaths have been in people who have diabetes. Medical professionals attribute this to a weakened immune system from diabetes, as well as a lower ability to fight COVID. Experts also hope that the disproportionate effect of COVID on those with diabetes will bring more attention to the disease, as it is often held lower than things like cancer and Alzheimer’s. A trend that is seen with many chronic conditions, poorer people and people of color have higher rates of diabetes. With all of these factors combined, it is important to the halting of the pandemic, and the health of the population to try and get America’s diabetes crisis under control. To read the full article, click here. To read more about COVID-19, click here.

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