Newsom rescinds state’s COVID-19 emergency; Move comes three years after declaration by governor that gave him broad powers.


California’s COVID state of emergency officially ends Tuesday, to which Newsom says California is finally ready to move forward after previously resisting GOP pressure to end the said emergency. Although the pandemic solidified Newsom’s legacy as the crisis governor, his use of power turned him into a GOP target of oppressive Democratic rule. Critics also focused on the fact that Newsom’s children were attending classes at private school while remote distance-learning programs were in place. In preparation for the end of the emergency, Newsom called for new legislation to allow nurses to continue to dispense COVID therapeutics. However, the governor is also accused of abusing his powers, especially since Republican-led Texas is nowhere near ending its emergency declaration. However, similar to Newsom, Governor Greg Abbott has been reluctant for the same reasons, despite the different political party ideology. 

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