‘We are in the hospital suffering’ : A child’s life cut short amid Venezuela crisis

Marilia Brocchetto & Paula Newton, CNN


Venezuela’s hyperinflation is jaw-dropping. Malaria cases soared to 240,000 in 2016, a 76% increase over 2015, according to a rare release in May of records from the health ministry. Deivis Perez, 14-year old boy, contracted a deadly bacterial infection called sepsis at a children’s hospital in Venezuela. As he lost 22 pounds, a severe outbreak of dark spots covered his upper body with burning sensation and his 14 year old body shrank to a 7or 8 year old. His mother Galindez said that “we are in the hospital suffering” as she lost her son. Right now, Venezuela is a nation grappling with severe shortages of medicine and proper equipment amid a wider array of crises.

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