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Families are dynamic, but so are disasters. Please read more below on how you can keep your family prepared for any disaster.

power outages

Power outages occur when electrical power turns off unexpectedly. A prolonged power-outage could happen at any second and it is important for you and your family to be prepared in the event that one does happen. To learn more about how to prepare you and your family, click here. 


Living in California, it is especially important to recognize the adverse effects that an earthquake could have on a home. The state is seated between two major tectonic plates- the Pacific plate and the North American plate- and is riddled with many fault lines, the San Andreas being the most well known. In the event of a serious earthquake along the San Andreas fault, catastrophes all across California such as severed electric, telephone and water lines, fires, and road blockages, would take place. Necessary precautions must be taken in order to ensure safety not only for oneself but for one’s family.


It is integral that families prepare themselves for a wildfire, especially given the unpredictability of wind patterns in California. In 2018, California experienced the most destructive wildfire season in which over 1,000,000 acres of land were burned. Click to learn more about simple ways to prepare you and your family for a wildfire.

Severe storms

Though severe storms may be uncommon, they are devastating to whoever encounters one. For instance, the recent Hurricane Florence that touched down in North Carolina caused wide spread flooding that caused an estimated $17 billion in damage to homes and other buildings. In severe storms like these, families are among the most affected population; thus, it is integral for families—especially those that live in storm-prone areas—to always be prepared and aware of the danger.

household emergencies

It may seem shocking, but open fires and dangerous chemicals are present in virtually every household. Unfortunately, the chances of having an accident involving fires or dangerous chemicals are quite high in a family household. For instance, a household fire can easily happen while cooking if one is careless. Moreover, household chemicals such as bleach and antifreeze can be lethal if not used under a protected and controlled manner. Thus, it is essential for families to know how to prevent these events and be prepared if these events do happen.

Domestic abuse

Domestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior towards a spouse or a partner to gain power and control over that person. The individual that is being abused is not the only one affected—the entire family is harmed. Children can be extremely affected by domestic violence, needing therapy for numerous years to overcome, if possible, the negative impact it has made on their lives. 

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