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For Students:


Students face their own problems in times of need, and may feel at mercy of a university for help. Learn how you prepare for these incidents and take matters into your own hands below.

Campus crime

Despite the fact that all campuses are required by law to create and implement extensive emergency alert systems, campus crime is inevitable and students should still take time to prepare themselves. Categories within campus crime include criminal homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Click to learn about how to prepare yourself for a possible dangerous situation at your school.

active shooter

Tragically, active shooter situations have become more common in popular areas throughout America, such as on college campuses. Given that college campuses are a potential target, it is the duty of both the school and students to be prepared to take action in the unfortunate event that an active shooter is found on campus.


Since technology has become an integral part of campus life, threats to students’ privacy have increased immensely. Vulnerable targets include email accounts, on-campus computers, internal networks, and invasions of the Cloud. In addition, social media has become a prime target for attack, where a 2017 report states that 67% of 18-19 year olds have experienced a form of online harassment. Click to learn more about how to avoid privacy breaches in your accounts and devices.


Earthquakes occur without notice, so students need to be able to know how to prepare for one if one were to occur while on campus. There are ways to decreases the chances of injury for other people as well as yourself, that are also on the campus. Click to learn how to prepare yourself for an earthquake. 


Being in the same location as a fire can be frightening, and in the moment of an emergency, one can forget what to do, especially if they are unprepared for the disaster at hand. When nearby a fire, the recommendation is always to evacuate the affected area, but what about the other scenarios that aren’t so easy, such as when an entire dorm of students in panic are attempting to exit the building out of one door? Click to learn more about important considerations and steps to take in the event of a fire, as it relates to college campuses.


Students must take the proper measures to prepare for storms and severe weather. In Southern California specifically, heavy rain poses great risk for mudslides and road closures, which may impact a student’s living situation or access to necessary resources. Click to read more about how to prepare yourself for severe and unexpected weather.  

disease outbreaks

Vaccinations are extremely important for students, who are constantly in close proximity with other students and faculty, to prevent illnesses and disease outbreaks. Students are always on the go—whether it be volunteering, working, or traveling—vaccinations are the first line of defense for disease outbreaks. Click to learn more about how to prepare yourself for a disease outbreak.

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