Science Daily: Zika vaccine induces robust immune responses in three phase 1 trials

What to Expect: Hugh Sitton/Stocksy


Science Daily: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Three phase one clinical trials conducted at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, and Saint Louis University School of Medicine demonstrated that individuals given Zika purified inactivated virus vaccine (ZPIV) developed a strong immune response. ZPIV was developed as part of the US Department of Defense response to the Zika outbreak of 2015-2016. In these trials, 55 adults received the ZPIV while 12 received a placebo.  Investigators monitored levels of Zika virus-neutralizing antibodies in the blood to measure immune response. Next, mice were injected with human antibodies. The mice that received ZPIV antibodies were protected from exposure to Zica while those who received the placebo were not. Studies are still being conducted relating to dosage schedules and safety of the vaccine. To read more about the clinical trials, click here.

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