CNN: Deadly flu season hits California particularly hard

This image by the CDC provides a 3D graphical representation of the biology and structure of a generic influenza virus


A deadly flu season is among us and is hitting California especially hard. There have been 27 flu-related deaths among patients under the age of 65 thus far and according to the CDC, in previous years around the same time of the year, there have been three to four deaths. According to the World Health Organization, influenza A H3N2 is the most predominant virus this season. In previous years, the H3N2 virus has been categorized by the high hospitalizations and higher mortality rates. Interestingly, Australia had its worst flu season last year and the most predominant virus was H3N2. With the flu rapidly spreading throughout the country, some pharmacies had shortages of flu remedies such as Tamiflu. However, according to Dr. Gilberto Chávez, state epidemiologist and deputy director of the Center for Infectious Diseases, there are no widespread shortages of flu medications and vaccines in California. Health officials recommend that individuals get vaccinated, avoid close contact with those who are sick and wash your hands often to stay healthy throughout this deadly flu season. To read more about the flu, click here.

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