Yellow Fever Emergency in Brazil


BBC News-


In Brazil, Minas Gerais has declared a public heath emergency, as fifteen people have died due to a yellow fever outbreak since December. Yellow fever is transmitted through mosquito bites and results in fever, pain, vomiting, jaundice, and sometimes death. Mass vaccinations campaigns are occurring in Minas Gerais and two other neighboring states, resulting in extremely long lines outside clinics. This is not the first time a yellow fever outbreak has occurred in the area, as last year over 100 people died from yellow fever in the state. The WHO is now recommending all travelers to Sao Paulo, both the state and capital, located in close proximity to Minas Gerais, to get vaccinated against the disease, as Sao Paulo is expecting a massive influx of tourists next month for the Brazilian Festival of Carnival. Most cases have occurred in primarily rural areas, so tourists are cautioned to stay in large city areas and avoid mosquito bites when visiting. Here in the US we have had a shortage of vaccine as well.


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