New York Times: Telemedicine Arrives in the U.K.: ‘10 Years of Change in One Week’


The onset of Covid-19 has also let to the rise of telemedicine as more than 90% of primary health clinics now engage in virtual visits and consultations. According to Dr. Paul Deffley,  a general practitioner in Brighton, “Being able to eyeball someone, to engage in a consultation with them and assess for clinical signs, is an absolute game changer for how we’re able to safely manage people.” As thousands of clinics switch to remote consultation, the adoption of telecommuting technology has also seen a massive boom as  doctors utilize video communication to treat and diagnose patients. Many doctors have turned to AccuRx, one of the first companies to respond with a video-calling system after the virus hit Britain, as their technology of choice.  AccuRX is now the go-to provider for online appointments, with some hospital specialists even using AccuRx to speak with coronavirus patients in other parts of the same building. To read more, click here.

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