NYT: Johnson & Johnson Vaccinations Paused After Rare Clotting Cases Emerge

6 women out of millions of people who have received the vaccine have reported blood clotting symptoms, which are extremely rare cases, but are cases still being reviewed by the CDC. Following the recall of the Johnson & Johnson vaccines, there has been a spike of fear in people across the nation, and many people are taking advantage of this to spread misinformation. But it is important to keep in mind that this is less than 1% of the population who have received the J&J vaccine, and there is no need for panic.
Dr. Schuchat, a CDC official, said, “the risk of dangerous blood clots was ‘very low’ for people who received the J&J vaccine.” Many health professionals are approaching this cautiously and would like for those who have received the J&J vaccine to be more aware of their symptoms and contact their doctors immediately should anything alarming come up.
To read more about the J&J vaccine and blood clotting, click here for an article from New York Times. To read one of our original articles about COVID-19 and antimicrobial resistance, written by Nazrin Rustamzade, click here.

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