The Washington Post: Should healthcare workers be required to get coronavirus shots? Companies grapple with mandates.

Whether employers are able to require vaccination from their employees is a polarizing matter among both front-line healthcare workers and those expecting to return back to in-person work.  According to the Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll, nearly 4 in 10 healthcare workers said they would oppose such a mandate. Within groups that objected to mandatory vaccination, nearly two-thirds said they would leave their job rather than get a shot. The mandate-or-not debate has spread beyond healthcare companies as businesses are getting ready to reopen with some claiming that it is unethical to infringe on individual liberty. However, it is important to understand that even though everyone has a right to make decisions about their own health and welfare matters, people do not have a right to expose others to potentially dangerous or lethal diseases. To facilitate the process of mandatory vaccination, Pfizer is planning on applying for a more thorough and extensive evaluation from the FDA in order to receive its stamp of approval and move on from the status of “emergency use authorization”. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, employers, mandating vaccination, will not run afoul with the law but will be required to provide those workers who refuse to receive vaccination with accommodation such as telework or leave, as well as allow exemptions on the grounds of religion-based conflicts. Further guidance remains to be provided. Read the full article here

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