CNN: Watch out for ‘leakage’: These are some of the clues students can look out for to help prevent school violence


The gun violence epidemic in the United States has raised concerns on how acts of violence could be prevented. Specifically, in schools, students and staff have important roles to recognize signs to prevent incidents from occurring. First, school safety experts say to notice sharp changes in behavior such as escalation in anger, increased isolation, or broad statements of hostility. Next, is ‘leakage’, which is when school shooters leak hints about their plans such as on social media. Third is ensuring that students can report concerns anonymously to the school. Another important measure to have is a behavioral threat assessment team in every school or school district to handle threats and provide protocols. The team should include an administrator, a mental health professional, and a school resource officer. These assessments should be designed as intervention and support for the student rather than punishment. To learn more, read the full CNN article here.

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