AP News: Europe considers new COVID-19 strategy: Accepting the virus


Spain was one of the first European countries to declare a stay-at-home order and now, almost two years later, Spain is preparing for an alternative approach. The country is currently home to one of Europe’s highest vaccination rates wit simultaneously being the most pandemic-battered economy. Spain’s prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, has urged the European Union to move from crisis mode to control mode, approaching the virus in much the same way countries deal with flu or measles, given the fact that the omicron variant has proven to be less lethal. Sánchez believes that the changes should occur now and not when the omicron surge is over to help better prepare for the post-pandemic world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), it is still too early to undertake any immediate shifts. WHO is still to declare COVID-19 an endemic, but its experts say that it is likely to happen when the virus becomes more predictable with no emerging outbreaks. With a record number of omicron-driven cases, countries are giving up on massive testing and switching to cutting down quarantine times, especially for those exhibiting no more than cold-lie symptoms. The question now is whether other European countries will follow suit. Read the full article here

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