The New York Times: Ivermectin Does Not Reduce Risk of Covid Hospitalization, Large Study Finds


For a while, the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin was thought of as an alternative treatment for COVID-19 despite the fact that it lacked sufficient scientific research to support that claim. A recent double-blind, randomized study that compared more than 1,300 people, infected with coronavirus in Brazil, who received either ivermectin or a placebo effectively ruled out the drug as a potential COVID-19 treatment. Early in the pandemic, the drug brought about some hope but eventually it was pointed out that it only showed effectiveness at high concentrations, which were far beyond safe use. False allegations about the drug’s miraculous effectiveness resulted in approximately $2.4 million spent by U.S. insurance companies. Ivermectin also proved ineffective at reducing the patient’s risk of hospitalizing. Read the full article here

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