Juul Reaches $462 Million Settlement With New York, California and Other States


Juul has faced numerous lawsuits and regulatory scrutiny over the past few years, with many accusing the company of fueling the youth vaping epidemic in the US. Under the terms of the settlement announced on Wednesday, April 12, Juul will pay $462 million to various states to resolve the lawsuits. The company has also previously agreed to several marketing restrictions, such as not targeting minors with their advertising techniques. In addition to the monetary settlement, Juul has also agreed to change its business practices, including no longer using influencers, models, or actors who are under the age of 28 in its marketing materials. The company has stopped selling flavored e-cigarettes except for menthol and tobacco flavors, which will only be available through its website, where it will use advanced age-verification technology. With these new regulations in place, the prevalence of e-cigarettes among teens has declined since its peak in 2019; but a survey conducted in 2022 still showed that its usage was about 14% among high school students. To read more, click here.

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