Rate of Fatal Falls Among U.S. Seniors Doubled in 20 Years


Summary: A new study reveals that older Americans are dying from falls at more than twice the rate of 20 years ago, with women, men, and all racial groups affected. Falls are the leading cause of injury death among older Americans, and the problem is growing. Falls exact a huge health toll beyond the deaths they cause, with about one-quarter of older Americans falling each year, and roughly 3 million ending up in the emergency room, resulting in about $50 billion per year in medical costs. Experts suggest that surviving serious medical conditions, taking multiple medications, and impairments in eyesight or hearing are contributing factors to the increase in falls. To prevent falls, the CDC recommends that older adults have their medications reviewed, their eyesight and hearing checked regularly, and that they make safety modifications in the home, such as installing grab bars and handrails and getting rid of trip and slip hazards. To read the full article, click here

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