The Rules of War and Human Rights in the Israel-Hamas War


With regards to the rules of war involving health care, the international humanitarian law is designed to draw a clear distinction between civilian and military objects with the goal of limiting harm to civilians. The violation of these rules by one side does not permit the opposing side to deviate from them as well. However, the violation of the international humanitarian law on both sides is occurring in the Israel-Hamas conflict, leaving the International Court of Justice (ICJ) powerless. Hamas has committed atrocities against the civilians of Israel, while Israel has implemented a blockade that has prevented the funneling of necessities such as food, water, and electricity into Gaza. The severity of the blockade foreshadows the likely possibility of Gaza becoming depleted of critical supplies, if neither side concedes. Ultimately, the psychological trauma from the Israel-Hamas conflict is estimated to be very high, impacting a disproportionate amount of children who compose approximately half the population of Gaza. To read the full article, click here. For more information on terrorism, click here

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