WHO Sees ‘Incredibly Low’ COVID, Flu Vaccination Rates as Cases Surge


Low vaccination rates against the latest versions of COVID-19 and influenza are straining healthcare systems globally, leading to increased hospitalizations and death rates in some regions. Several countries, including the United States and certain European nations, are witnessing a surge in respiratory infections. Despite efforts to move past the pandemic, there are challenges in communicating the ongoing risks of COVID and the importance of vaccination. Countries such as Spain and some parts of the U.S. have even begun to reinstate mask-wearing requirements at healthcare facilities. In the U.S., only 19.4% of adults have received the current season’s COVID vaccine, and vaccine fatigue is impacting uptake. The vaccine is still proven to be very effective against preventing serious illness, despite the fact that they do not block infection. While vaccines remain effective against severe illness, the public health response faces hurdles in addressing both COVID and flu vaccination rates. To read the full article, click here. To read more about COVID-19, click here.

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