HASC Emergency Code Standardization Survey

The Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) is a not-for-profit, regional trade association consisting of 170 hospitals throughout Southern California.

While most health care facilities use some form of emergency code system to discreetly relay urgent information to hospital personnel during emergency incidents, the application of specific codes are not always consistent between facilities. This lack of standardization increases the potential for confusion or misinformation during critical times.

Standardizing hospital emergency codes can benefit hospital employees, patients, and visitors by reducing confusion and allowing staff to appropriately respond to emergency incidents (such as natural disasters or terrorist events).

In August 2009, the California Hospital Association (in partnership with the regional hospital associations) surveyed over 260 California health care facilities to assess statewide hospital emergency code usage.

A follow up survey was conducted in August 2011; 240 California hospitals responded to the survey (107 in the Hospital Association of Southern California area, 109 in the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California area and 24 in the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties area).

This report provides analysis of 2011 survey data and the results reveal changes and trends in emergency code usage when compared to the 2009 survey report. The final results of these surveys illustrate ongoing progress in hospital emergency code implementation among California healthcare facilities.


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