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To prepare for a major storm, students should pull beds and other important materials away from windows. Additionally, students should make sure electrical devices are fully charged, and place all valuables off the floor as a precaution against water leaks. Stay indoors during severe weather conditions. Be prepared to evacuate if necessary. Know your university’s protocol for evacuation in case it becomes necessary.

For example, UCLA students would receive notifications via the BruinAlert system. Then students can reference the campus evacuation map to understand the campus zones. Additionally, students can use the Red Cross Shelter Find app

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Hurricane Readiness:

Everything to Know:



  • Dress accordingly. Even if the weather appears normal in the morning, contrary to the weather forecast, bring necessary clothing such as a raincoat, gloves, and an umbrella. Wear appropriate shoes.

For students who live off-campus:

  • Check the local weather the night before and in the morning to be informed of weather events. See if there are any hindrances to usual commutes, such as road closures.

  • Schedule your commute early!

For students who live on campus: 

  • A storm can make the walk to class long and dangerous. Plan ahead and start walking to class earlier. Take extra caution and do not rush. 

  • In slippery conditions, hold onto handrails and stay on main paths.

  • Avoid using skateboards and e-scooters which have less traction on wet surfaces, increasing your risk of injury.



  • Update family members on your condition.
  • Check on friends and family.
  • Make plans for an upcoming storm. If you were not prepared this time, what can you do next time? Think about rescheduling your commute, bringing extra gear (raincoat and umbrella), and being conscious of how to keep yourself safe while navigating hazardous conditions.



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