Telegraph: Doughnuts and a $1 million lottery – how vaccine incentives and other behavioral tools can help the US reach herd immunity

As vaccination rates increase throughout the country, the CDC and other companies have begun to offer various incentives to further boost the upward trajectory in hopes to reach herd immunity–where at least 60% to 90% of the population is vaccinated. For example, in Maryland, employees are offered $100 for being vaccinated; in Lancaster, California, students are entered in raffles for college scholarships; and the CDC has also stated that vaccinated people can go mask-free in most settings.
In addition to these incentives, nudges are also highly recommended as positive reinforcement to influence behavior. Many peers and colleagues are nudging their friends and family members through social media by posting photos, which play a significant impact in pushing others to get their shots. Ultimately, the goal of these incentives and nudges aim to help the nation end the pandemic and get everyone back on their feet again.
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