CNBC News: Unvaccinated Americans falsely say the need for booster shots proves Covid vaccines don’t work, Kaiser survey shows


According to the Kaiser Family Foundation survey, 71% of unvaccinated respondents claim that booster shots are signs that vaccines are ineffective. The divide in attitude continues as it becomes clearer just how differently vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals view the pandemic. The split in attitudes is also believed to be of a partisan nature. The survey data shows that 90% of respondents who identify as Democrats have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 in comparison to 58%, a greatly smaller number of Republicans. Initially, the pace of daily shows picked up over the rapid spread of the Delta variant over the summer but has since slowed down to an average of 632,00 shots per day. The one thing that the public has expressed their unanimity on is that COVID-19 will likely not go away any time soon with some being accepting of the fact that it might turn into a chronic public health issue. Read the full article here

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