Daily Mail: Lyme Disease is Now in all 50 states: ‘Low risk’ Florida and California Have Become New Hot Spots for the Tick-Borne Illness as Rates Soar Nationwide

PxHere photo of tick


Historically, Lyme disease has been very prevalent in the Northeastern United States, accounting for about ninety-five percent of all cases. However, areas such as California and Florida that were deemed “low-risk” states have shown a dramatic increase in recent years. States such as New England that were already regarded as “high-risk” areas are only becoming more so. Positive tests for Lyme disease across America have increased eleven percent. To lessen your risk of Lyme disease the CDC encourages citizens to wear repellant and the removal of ticks within forty-eight hours of contact to decrease the chances of contraction. It is not recommended to squeeze or crush them when trying to remove them; use tweezers or a tic removing tool.

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