Trump “bungling the response” to the pandemic


The Trump administration’s bungled response to the coronavirus pandemic has been “a refusal to properly utilize scientific expertise.” When the cases just started surfacing, the White House ignored advice from China and the CDC, despite them both warning the United States needed to be better prepared. As a result, the United States missed the opportunity to increase the domestic production of protective equipment. The Trump administration also ignored and watered down the CDC’s recommendations on reopening the economy in the wake of the pandemic. 

The White House also prevented health experts from “speaking COVID” by preventing health organizations to issue warnings and preparedness information on the coronavirus. Trump frequently undermines and contradicts advice given by public health experts, making the coronavirus task force look more like a prop rather than public health experts. Also contrary to expert advice, the President promotes dangerous things like injecting disinfectants, using hydroxychloroquine, and that the pandemic would magically disappear.

Even now, the Trump Administration is refusing to “see COVID” by dubbing bad news as “fake news,” which hinders government efforts to increase testing and gather data needed to respond effectively. For the full article, click here. For more articles and news on the pandemic, click here.

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