NPR: Medical Residents Learn to Treat the Growing Health Hazards of Climate Change


Recently, physicians like Dr. Gaurab Basu have recognized a growing need to integrate climate change patterns into their discussions with patients and rising physicians. To illustrate, increasing temperatures have extended breeding seasons for mosquitoes that can boost the replication rate of viruses like the West Nile Virus. Dr. Basu explains the importance of understanding climate change effects on infectious disease patterns around the United States. While there is currently no designated curricula for hospitals to integrate, Dr. Aaron Bernstein and Dr. Rebecca Philipsborn have published a framework linking multiple factors affecting health and providing suggestions for adaptive methods when treating patients. With new occurrences of wildfires and hurricanes, more physicians are stepping up to speak about the intersectionalities of health and climate change.

To read the full article on NPR by Martha Bebinger, click here.

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