CNN: Long-haul COVID: Clinics are springing up around the country for what some call a potential second pandemic


With the pandemic being around for almost a year, cases of “Long Haul COVID” continue to rise. Significant percentages of previous COVID-19 patients report symptoms, even nine months after their initial infection. Over 100 different symptoms of Long Haul COVID have been reported, making the symptoms difficult to deal with. Regardless, various clinics have opened up across the country in hopes of helping those dealing with the disease. Many individuals have found that these clinics aren’t very effective since there is no treatment or cure yet. Instead, Long Haul COVID is being dealt with on a situational basis: addressing individual symptoms (e.g. headache, insomnia, mental health problems, etc.) rather than the issue as a whole. Doctors remain unsure of how to treat Long Haul COVID as a whole. To read the full article on CNN, click here. To learn more about the coronavirus, click here.

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