Deadline: Los Angeles Loosens Theme Parks’ Covid Vaccination Proof Requirements – Slightly – After Industry Complaints


Los Angeles Country has eased its COVID-19 vaccination/testing requirement for large public venues such as Six Flags and Universal Studios. Initially, the Health Officer Order mandated all attendees and employees to show proof of Covid vaccination or a negative test within 72 hours, with the mandate taking effect October 7. However, theme parks have expressed extensive concerns with regards to the requirement due to the fact that monitoring required documentation is more than likely to cause crowding and lead to long lines for admission into the theme parks. Another argument that was brought into question is whether those that have purchased tier tickets before the enactment of the mandate should be granted a grace period? According to the Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer, the county will be making certain changes to their COVID-19 safety policy, specifically, the county will no longer require proof of a negative COVID-19 test for those aged 11 and younger — an age group that remains ineligible for vaccinations. The county will also be removing the requirement that those aged 17 and younger provide a photo ID along with their vaccination/testing verification. Read the full article here

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