Los Angeles Times: They stuck to their anti-vax beliefs. Now these teachers and school workers are out of jobs


A number of Los Angeles country school employees have expressed their reluctance to get the vaccine. Extensively opposing the vaccination mandate has left these employees out of their beloved jobs. The Los Angeles Unified School District was one of the first schools in the country to require their staff to be vaccinated. Hesitancy has been unavoidable, but the October 15th deadline seemed to prompt the last-minute surge among thousands. According to recent figures, about 2,214 district employees that have refused to receive the COVID-19 vaccine have neither applied for nor received an exemption and have either already lost their jobs or are now on track to do so. Most exemptions, approximately 1,325 of them have been granted on the basis of religious beliefs and convictions. A lot of those that have expressed their mistrust towards the vaccine have been framing their arguments on the basis of persevering freedom of choice. However, what often gets omitted in these discussions is the greater purpose of playing your part in furthering the public health efforts and protecting not only yourself but those around you. Read the full article here

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