NYTimes: Since You’re Already Getting a Flu Shot, Why Not One for Covid, Too?


Just like it’s recommended to get your flu shot every fall, some doctors suggest doing so with a COVID vaccine as well. This would allow the vaccine to be tailored to the specific variant posing the most risk, and will hopefully be more effective in reducing disease. However, there are shortcomings to this method as well, as indicated by prior flu seasons. In order to develop the vaccine, scientists typically decide which strain they are going to inoculate against about six months before the fall, despite the possibility for things to change by the time September rolls around. However, even if the strains are not exact matches to the vaccine, annual boosting does provide a lot of protection and could help prevent another spike. There has been less and less uptake of the vaccine per dose, but there is a hope that by coupling it with flu vaccination, people will view it as convenient and opt for both shots. To read the full article, click here. To read more about COVID-19, click here.

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