NBC: Covid can rebound even in people who haven’t taken Paxlovid, study finds


According to a study posted on Tuesday, 1/3rd of people who are infected with COVID-19 will have their symptoms rebound whether they have used the antiviral Paxlovid pill or not. Around 27% of people are expected to have their symptoms rebound after having initial improvements. 12% of people have a viral rebound which means they test positive again after testing negative a few days ago. A high profile case of this has been President Biden testing positive again after testing negative and taking a Paxlovid pill. It has been previously documented that taking Paxlovid increases the risk of a viral rebound but this study found no correlation. The link between viral rebound and taking Paxlovid was understood by the study to cause the early negative test but have no effect on the later positive test. In other words, people taking Paxlovid won’t cause someone to test positive more than someone who hasn’t taken it. The full article by Reynolds Lewis can be read here on NBC. For more on COVID-19 click here

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