The Los Angeles Times: California is easing COVID-19 mask recommendations as conditions improve. Here’s where


For the first time in 7 months California is loosening COVID-19 mask wearing
recommendations. The state has voided the recommendation that was made in mid-February for
all people regardless of vaccination status to stay masked when in indoor public settings. This
comes in response to the decrease in hospitalizations and deaths caused by COVID-19 in the last
few months. California only recommends indoor public masking to everyone when a county’s
COVID-19 community level is considered high. The state also lifted mandatory masking in jails
and prisons, homeless shelters, and emergency and cooling centers. However in healthcare
facilities and long-term and senior care settings masking is still required. The full article by
Rong-Gong Lin II and Luke Money can be read here on The Los Angeles Times. For more
information on COVID-19 click here.

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