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As part of your personal preparedness plan, locate the shelter nearest to you. In a disaster, shelters will be operated by the Red Cross and made openly available to the public, up to capacity. Some information about the function of LA’s mass shelters:


In the event of an emergency or a disaster, the City of Los Angeles may require facilities to shelter the public.  The need for mass shelter activation may be made in the field by various city departments.



Designating, maintaining, and operating mass shelters requires the collaboration of public and private entities.  The Emergency Management Department (EMD)(link is external) oversees the process and is assisted by the Department of Recreation and Parks(link is external), Department on Disability(link is external), Department of Animal Services(link is external), American Red Cross(link is external), and the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)(link is external).  Once a mass shelter site has been activated, ARC takes primary management duties and is assisted by RAP.



Facilities must meet a set of requirements to be selected as mass shelters.  These facilities must meet capacity, restroom and shower, parking, security, and handicap accessibility regulations.  In order to meet handicap accessibility regulations, facilities must meet the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements or make temporary arrangements for handicap accessibility.

Currently, 30 approved rooms in 28 locations are designated mass shelter sites.  These sites are identified as Tier I locations.  In the event of an emergency or disaster, mass shelter sites will be selected depending on their geographic location and maximum capacity.


Supplies, Operations, and Funding
The city has distributed shelter-specific equipment containers (caches) to eighty-four locations across the County of Los Angeles.  In addition, twenty caches of identical content are maintained at Public Works yards, Emergency Operations Centers, and Recreation and Parks sites.



The 30 designated shelters in 28 sites are:

1 Pan Pacific Senior Activity Center 141 S. Gardner Ave. Los Angeles 90036
2 Pan Pacific Recreation Center 7600 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles 90036
3 Westwood Recreation Center 1350 S. Sepulveda Blvd. Los Angeles 90025
4 Queen Ann Recreation Center 1240 West Blvd. Los Angeles 90019
5 Slauson Multipurpose Center 5306 S. Compton Ave. Los Angeles 90011
6 Westchester Recreation Center 7000 W. Manchester Ave. Los Angeles 90045
7 Palisades Recreation Center 851 Alma Real Dr. Los Angeles 90272
8 Cheviot Hills Recreation Center 2551 Motor Ave. Los Angeles 90064
9 Bellevue Recreation Center 826 Lucile Ave. Los Angeles 90026
10 Lincoln Heights Recreation Center 2303 Workman St. Los Angeles 90031
11 El Sereno Recreation Center 4721 Klamath St. Los Angeles 90032
12 Alpine Recreation Center 817 Yale St. Los Angeles 90012
13 Hazard Recreation Center 2230 Norfolk St. Los Angeles 90033
14 Lafayette Multipurpose Community Center 625 S. Lafayette Park Place Los Angeles 90057
15 Baldwin Hills Recreation Center 5401 Highlight Pl. Los Angeles 90016
16 Martin J. Bogdonavich Recreation Center 1920 Cumbre Dr. San Pedro 90732
17 EXPO Center 3980 Bill Robertson Lane Los Angeles 90037
18 Jackie Tatum/Harvard Recreation Center 1535 W. 62nd St. Los Angeles 90047
19 Wilmington Recreation Center 325 N. Neptune Ave. Wilmington 90074
20 Algin Sutton Recreation Center 8800 S. Hoover St. Los Angeles 90044
21 Peck Park Community Center 560 N. Western Ave. San Pedro 90732
22 Sepulveda Recreation Center 8801 Kester Ave. Panorama City 91402
23 Sun Valley Recreation Center 8133 Vineland Ave. Sun Valley 91352
24 Branford Recreation Center 13306 Branford St. Arleta 91331
25 David M. Gonzales Recreation Center 10943 Herrick Ave. Arleta 91331
26 Sunland Recreation Center 8651 Foothill Blvd. Sunland 91040
27 Fernangeles Recreation Center 8851 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Sun Valley 91352
28 Lake View Terrace Recreation Center 11075 Foothill Blvd. Sylmar 91342

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