Individuals with Access and Functional Needs

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Notes from FEMA(link is external)‘s is external) initiative on extra preparations for individuals with access and functional needs:

If you have a disability or an access and functional need, you may need to take additional steps to prepare for emergencies.

  • Stock a basic disaster supply kit.
  • Inventory what you use every day to live independently. Identify the essential things that you will need to be able to survive for 3 to 5 days or longer, if people cannot get to you.
  • Stock these custom essentials in your kit. For example, your kit may contain items such as durable medical equipment, assistive technology, food for special diets, prescription medicines, diabetic supplies, hearing aids and batteries, a TTY, manual wheelchair, and supplies for a service animal.
  • One of the biggest challenges to your safety and access to information is loss of electrical power. You should plan alternate ways to charge your communication and assistive technology devices before disaster strikes.

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