Earthquakes Across the World


Dakin Andone, Elisabeth Malkin, Melissa Pamer-

This weekend, multiple earthquakes took place across the world. In the United States, Los Angeles felt a small earthquake of a magnitude of 2.9 on February 17th at 2:16 AM. No damage or injuries are reported. Also on Saturday, Wales had a 4.4 magnitude earthquake, the largest felt in the area in ten years. Large earthquakes are rare for the area and no damages are reported currently. Both the Wales and Los Angeles earthquakes occurred very soon after the large Mexican earthquake on February 15th.  On Friday, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Mexico, in Oaxaca state. No deaths or injuries occurred due to the earthquake but, later, 13 people died in a helicopter crash that was monitoring the earthquake damage near the epicenter. Mexico recently experienced a terrible earthquake in September, where around 300 people were killed.


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