CNBC: Tech Firms Say A.I. Can Transform Health Care As We Know It. Doctors Think They Should Slow Down

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With the growing science of AI, how will its use in the medical field interact with the role of physicians? It has been reported that Babylon’s AI may be able to assess and diagnose patients as well as a human physician can. Others, such as Helen Stokes-Lampard, believe that no machine will every be able to take into account and interact with the patient in the way that a human general practitioner can. A common opinion is that the human physician will have not learn and adapt to the presence of the AI considering its ability to accurately diagnose and possibly predict health problems, such as heart attacks, in the future. The use of this rising industry begs one to consider the safety of it all; in this era of cyber attacks, is the AI ready to house all of this information and resist being hacked itself?

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