Scientific American: What China’s Speedy COVID Vaccine Deployment Means for the Pandemic


China has already promised to have a vaccine ready by the end of the year and has committed to sharing the vaccine with certain nations. It has also joined COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access which is aiming to provide doses of the vaccine to the most vulnerable groups and health care workers. However scientists question whether there will be enough doses to deliver on the promises made. In addition, the vaccine would have to be approved by both the WHO and CEPI. None of the four Chinese leading vaccines are currently supported by CEPI. The vaccine produced by Sinopharm has been used on people under emergency-use authorization, and Sinopharm has been criticized for saying that these injections show safety and efficacy. All Chinese vaccines have still yet to pass the stage III trials to be approved. To read the full article by David Cyranoski and published in Scientific American click here.

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