NYTimes: Spain’s Other Covid Casualties: Undetected Cancer Cases

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In Madrid, Spain, Covid-19 patients are overwhelmingly filling hospitals and health care centers, which is leading to healthcare professionals increasingly unable to detect serious illnesses such as cancer cases. There have been more than 50 lawsuits filed by one association that helps patients take legal action just as Spain was hit by the second wave in September. The lawsuits resulted from extensive amounts of medical errors and oversights from doctors, whose main focus was on Covid-19 patients over patients with other serious illnesses. In all cases, doctors were mainly refusing to see patients in person or did not want to go near patients in safety precautions of their patients catching Covid-19. The doctors explained that they were extensively overworked. One doctor in a public health care center in Madrid states, “I simply cannot give a patient adequate attention when I have recently had to see 100 people in a single day.” For the full article, click here. For more articles about Covid-19, click here.

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