New York Times: F.D.A. Grants Emergency Authorization of Antibody Treatment Given to Trump

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The Food and Drug Administration recently granted emergency use authorization for the experimental antibody treatment given to President Trump when he tested positive for COVID-19. The treatment is made by the biotech company Regeneron; it is a combination of two antibodies that have had promising results in suppressing the infection and reducing hospital visits in patients who are in the early stages of catching the disease. Despite this, the emergency use authorization limits the use of the drug to people 12 and older that have tested positive for the coronavirus and are at high risk of developing severe symptoms of COVID-19. Current evidence suggests that antibody treatments work best early in the course of the disease but is not for people who are hospitalized or need oxygen. Although antibody treatments are less of a hot topic than vaccines, health officials hope that they will serve as a bridge until a vaccine is more broadly available. For more information on COVID vaccines, click here. For the full article, click here.

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