CNN: What to make of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause? Dr. Wen, who got J&J herself, says not to worry

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After 6 women were found to have symptoms of blood clotting after their Johnson & Johnson vaccination, the CDC has called for a pause on the delivery of this vaccine. Dr. Leana Wen, who has taken the J&J vaccine herself, tells the public not to worry for those who have already taken this vaccine. This is just a pause, as the CDC investigates the vaccine more closely; it is a recommendation rather than a requirement. Only 6 individuals out of the 7 million currently vaccinated with J&J have symptoms of the blood clotting, but it is important to note that the clotting is a severe brain blood clotting, which is dangerous for the human body. This is the reason for the recommendation of a pause of delivery on the vaccine. The CDC is closely looking at the vaccine, and with this news it is important to note that the CDC will be very apparent with the public and let users know if there is even the slightest possible risk in the vaccine. There are still millions dying due to Covid-19, so it is important to understand the still-lasting power of the vaccine. For the full article, click here. For more information about Covid-19, click here.

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