LA Times: Palisades fire grows to 1,325 acres; 1,000 residents evacuated in Topanga Canyon

Thousands of residents have been evacuated due to the Palisades Fires in Topanga Canyon. The fire began Friday night and has grown to 1,325 acres, but unfortunately is 0% contained, thus forcing residents to evacuate. The surrounding vegetation, plants and trees provide perfect fuel for the fire to thrive, especially considering the recent lack of rainfall and imposing drought that California currently faces. It is noted, however, that these mountain fires are easier to contain than most others, and firefighters are now racing to extinguish the blaze through air in helicopters, as access to the fire on the ground remains blocked.
As this fire is only a mere 20 minute drive away from UCLA campus, it is urged that students and the general public are cautious of air quality and aware of orange skies and falling ash.
To read more about the fire, click here for an article by Los Angeles Times.
To read more about fire preparedness, click here for information compiled by the EpicenterLA.

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