Scientific American: Should You Get a Booster Shot? Here’s What We Know

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Recently the Biden administration has announced that it will begin offering vaccine booster shots to Americans eight months after their second dose of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. Similar to the first shot, health care workers and nursing home residents will be among the first to be eligible for this booster shot. This latest recommendation was issued after data from Israel as well as vaccine makers and several other U.S. studies showed that the vaccines are less effective at preventing non-life-threatening diseases, and that vaccine-induced immunity to COVID-19 decreases after six-months. Despite current evidence, there are other scientist that remain unconvinced that most healthy people will need boosters; moreover, the World Health Organization suggests that it is unethical for richer countries to distribute a third vaccine shot while other countries are struggling to provide one. Not only so, but other experts also argue that while administering a third booster shot may be effective, it is much more efficient to give the shots to those who haven’t been vaccinated yet. For the full article, click here. 

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