Gabby Giffords: This will make a difference in fighting gun violence

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This article demonstrates how there is a large population of families and victims who feel that their attention after a mass shooting is disregarded and the media’s attention instantly moves elsewhere. In fact, some mass shootings aren’t even shown in the national news, and victim families fear that there is no concern over their mournings. The author goes on to explain how there is a continuation of disproportionate impacts on communities of color. A Northwestern and University of Chicago research study depicts how a program that uses street outreach workers to intervene with high risk of violence individuals allows for the participants to be half as likely to be shot or arrested. This is looked at in correlation to the fact that Massacuhestts is the leading state in spending on community-based solutions to violence, and is the state with the lowest rate of gun homicides in the nation. For the full article, click here. For more information about gun violence, click here.

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