USAToday: Personalized smart guns, which allow only verified users to shoot, may become available in US

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Personalized smart guns can only be fired by verified users. This will allow unauthorized people from firing guns, which will inhibit children and convicted criminals from using the smart guns. There are two ways to verify users, first, radio frequency identification (RFID) tokens, which are bracelets, watches, rings and other wearable devices, that verifies close proximity of the token to the gun. The second is biometric recognition technology “that activates a gun after identifying biological features like a fingerprint, palm print or grip”. The NRA isn’t opposed to personalized smart guns, but opposes any laws that prohibit Americans from acquiring regular guns that do not have the smart function of these smart guns. There is data showing that 380,000 guns are stolen each year. Therefore, these smart guns will prohibit unauthorized users from firing the guns. For the full article, click here. For more information on gun violence, click here.

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