NYTimes: Making Sense of the Weapons in the Ukraine War

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Britain has given Ukraine more than 4,200 shoulder-fired weapons, in which troops can unsling, unfold aiming sight, release safety catch, and become ready to fire within 15 seconds. The U.S. has given Ukraine about 2,600 Javelins and has 2,000 more coming; these are longer-range shoulder-fired weapons. In total, NATO countries have given Ukraine more than 17,000 antitank missiles and rockets. The U.S. has precision-guided munitions which Russia does not. Both the U.S. and Russia have stated that they have developed tactical nuclear warheads, but the U.S. worries that Russia will denotate one if they feel like they are losing the war. Russian troops are utilizing cluster munitions, which are mostly illegal under international law. They have also used fired rockets with thermobaric warheads, that cause longer-lasting and more powerful blast waves. Hypersonic missiles that fly and move at various speeds are a concern for the U.S. as they can be used to deliver nuclear or conventional warheads. For the full article click here. For more on weapons of mass destruction, click here

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