Nature: Coronavirus ‘ghosts’ found lingering in the gut


Scientists studying long-haul COVID-19 are now discovering viral fragments donut in the gut months after initial infection. This discovery adds to the growing pool of evidence that supports the hypothesis of persistent bits of virus, also referred to as “coronavirus ghosts”. According to Ami Bhatt, an oncologist and geneticist, and Timon Adolph, gastroenterology internist, at Stanford Medicine, these virus fragments could contribute to long COVID-19. Today, there are more than 200 symptoms that have been associated with long-haul COVID-19 which range from mild to debilitating and the majority of researchers believe that it is a variety of factors ranging from tiny blood clots to lingering viral reservoirs that contribute to the global burden of disease. The US National Institute of Health is in the midst of running a large study called RECOVER with the hope of tackling the causes of long COVID by collecting and analyzing the biopsies from the lower intestines. Read the full article here

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