NBC: Covid booster rollout needs a reboot to save older Americans, experts say


As the US nears 1 million deaths due to COVID-19 infection, Americans 65 and older continue to account for about 75% of all US covid deaths. Despite this, 1 in 3 people 65 and older who have already received their initial round of vaccinations still have not received a first booster shot though the first booster is critical in replenishing the immunity against COVID. On the other hand, 69% of vaccinated adult Americans have received their first booster. Experts suspect that this discrepancy is likely a result of the decreased involvement of the federal government in distributing the vaccines as well as the fact that the health care systems are ill-equipped to track and schedule follow-up vaccines for patients. To read more on the demand for a reboot of COVID booster rollouts, click here. 

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